Table Shears

Edge-Rite's table shears are designed with the consumer in mind. From its precision machining process to the final assembly and quality inspection, each unit is manufactured with the user in mind. These units offer both ease of operation and unparalleled safety features. Each unit is ready to use right out of the box, no adjustments necessary.

The Edge-Rite 12" Table Shear offers quick and clean cutting of either plastic or metal.

For smaller jobs, consider our 4" Mini Shear.

Our table shears can be fitted with two different blade types, depending on your cutting needs.

  • Our Metal Cutting Blades are designed for cutting brass, aluminum or steel
  • Plastic Cutting Blades are for flexible plastics (NOT rigid plastics or phenolic)
  • Both Plastic and Metal Shears use the same sturdy Lower Blade
Built tough to last next to forever -
manufactured and assembled on site.
Guaranteed to satisfy

 12" Table Shear4" Mini Shear
Dimensions :25" L x 14" H x 11" W18" L x 6½" H x 10" W
Weight :30 lbs.11 lbs.
Materials :Aluminum with Hardcoat Finish and Steel
Max. Stock Width :12"4"
Cutting Capacity :Metal Blade
Brass up to 0.025"
Aluminum up to 0.050"
Steel up to 0.025"
Metal Blade
Brass up to 0.025"
Aluminum up to 0.050"
Steel up to 0.025"
 Plastic Blade
Flexible plastic up to 0.063"
Plastic Blade
Flexible plastic up to 0.063"


We also resharpen shear blades, at a reasonable price.

Resharpening and shipping can take some time, though, so consider having spare blades available.

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